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Heya!!  So today happens to be our 9 year wedding anniversary but last night was when my hubby and I went out on the town to celebrate – thanks to my mother-in-law watching the babe 🙂

As cheesy as it may sound, this is the first year that we have our little girl and we wanted to spend the day that celebrates our marriage with her.  She’s such a gift to us and there’s no better representation of the love we have for one another than her.  BUT, we also wanted to have some “just us” time, too.  We think that is SOOOO important.  So we went out on the town on a Tuesday night and had a lot of fun just being with one another.  (It’s crazy how much you remember why you fell in love with someone in the first place when you get to just be with them!)*

*We also drive one another coo coo for coco puffs sometimes, do not be fooled by my love-dazed anniversary feels right now 😉

The dress that I wore last night doubled as a maternity dress for me – I bought/wore it when I was 7 months pregnant with Isla and it was one of my very favorites.  I wore it with a rose gold belt to accentuate my belly:)  I really love that I could wear this dress when I was that pregnant, and wear it again when I’m back to my regular size.  Any dress/fabric that can stretch like that is a friend of mine!  They’re sold out of the exact dress now but I linked a few really similar options below.

I love wearing a bright contrast earring with this red dress and the pom pom clutch is so versatile -because of the different colors in it, it goes with just about everything!  I was going to get the natural straw color but I thought the navy was something fun and different.  Find direct links to everything below – and also find a couple preggo pics for reference of how versatile this style of dress can be:)

  1. Dress Option 1 |  Dress Option 2 |  Dress option 3 | Dress Option 4 |
  2. Earrings Option 1 | Earrings Option 2 | Earrings Option 3 
  3. Clutch Option 1 | Clutch Option 2  | Clutch Option 3
  4. Sandals


Prego Pics 😉


xo, tess

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