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Amazon Prime Workout Finds!

Hey there!

SO… I’m trying to make a conscious effort to prioritize working out in my life.  It’s not always easy… well really, for me, it never feels very easy… but I know that it’s something I need to do for the betterment of my health.  I am a super unhealthy eater, so I have to at least try and take care of my body in some way!  That being said, the workout clothes I’ve currently been sporting are pretty bad.  It’s not that you have to have anything great to work out in, but I would like to A) be motivated to put on something that makes me feel good, rather than the near-rags I’ve been sporting and B) have support (like for the ole tatas) so that I am feeling good while working out, not holding my chest while trying to do moves.  The clothes I’ve been wearing are fine, but the pants don’t stay up when I’m jumping around and the bras are paper thin and the cheapest thing I could find at Walmart probably about 10 years ago.  It’s time for some new gear!

All of that being said, I asked for some advice in my instagram stories and had SO many good suggestions.  I am looking for both quality and affordability.  That’s very important to me.  The overwhelming response that shocked me was from Amazon.  I love me some amazon for sooo many things, and come on, I share Amazon prime finds pretty regularly.  Why I never thought to check there for workout clothes is beyond me.  So I put together my very favorites of what I’m hoping to build into my workout wardrobe.  I only chose ones that are affordable and have GREAT reviews.  I will start with some basics, because I am not just going to up and buy a whole new wardrobe.  But eventually, I hope to snag as many of these as I can!  Check them out below!

(Click on any item to grab the link – and as always, if you could purchase in a browser – like safari or chrome – as opposed to in IG or the Amazon app, I’d greatly appreciate it!)

xo, tess

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