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almost fall ya’ll!

Happy hump day!

So every spring and fall, I go through and binge some of my closet.  But it takes me like weeks to work up to it.  It’s not just a little project of taking a few pieces out to donate… I go in and color coordinate by sleeve length and re-fold every single piece of clothing that’s folded.  I guess it’s the former retailer in me, but I just need my closet to feel crisp and organized.  I’m not one of those people that spends a lot of time picking out my clothes in the morning… and I think one of the reasons is because it’s already easily laid out and easy to see because of my OCD-ness.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have this super weird habit of placing gently worn clothing (like worn for a couple of hours) on top of my vanity chair or the hamper for days on end, only to end up washing it anyway.  It’s also not to say that I don’t leave folded clean clothes in one of the guest bedrooms sometimes because I just can’t face putting another piece of laundry away.  (Note: if you can close the door, you can pretend that the clothes aren’t even in there!)

BUT, when I do get into my closet re-organizing mayhem, I get serious.  So the thought of having to go in and take stuff out and re-organize in the spring and fall is usually at the bottom of my priorities list.  (Holding onto a cozy sweater that’s 7 years old with a huge hole in it is apparently nearer the top of my list).  BUT, part of working into it means I get to look at some of the clothing I’ve purchased for fall and start getting excited to wear it.  That’s how I happened upon this lil outfit just waiting to be worn.  And GUESS WHAT.  Both the top and the bottoms are 50% OFF RIGHT NOW!  Ya can’t get much better than that 😉

The top comes in 3 colors and is a great fabric weight.  It is perfect for right now with the weird up and down temps and the side slit on the arms gives it some breathability.  It’ll also transition as it gets cooler with a scarf!  I love love LOVE these jeans.  They are one of my favorite brands (the same as the white skinny jeans I wear all the time) and love the deep burgundy color of them.  My booties are a really cool grey color that switches up from your basic camels, browns, and blacks.  Find details for everything below!

PS – if between sizes, size down in both the top and the denim.  I’m wearing XXS in the top and size 24 in the denim for reference.

  1. side slit sleeve top (half off!) | 2. grey booties | 3. red eye denim (half off!) | 4. other denim option | 5. kate spade gold bangle | 6. layered necklace | 7. similar layered necklace

^another angle so you can see the side of the booties 🙂

xo, tess

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