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affordable Easter baskets for your itty bitties!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you a little tip to have affordable (and adorable) Easter baskets for your itty bitty ones.  Because, last I checked, the Easter Bunny isn’t Santa.  And I feel like people have started to feel so much pressure to get more and more for their kid’s Easter baskets.  When I was a kid, I was just excited to get a bunch of candy!  And the fact is, kids are more excited by little things than anything.  You know what I mean… like at a first birthday party when a child is surrounded by droves of presents and all they want to play with is the balloon taped to the wall?  So I wanted to get back to some basics of some little things that little babes want.

I have a couple of examples – ones for little boys and one for a little girl.  And guess where I got everything?  Either Target or the dollar store!  Can you believe it?! I originally went to Target with the intention of getting everything, but found that it was pretty picked over (and what was left was pricier than I was looking for).  So I grabbed the few things I could find (and ordered a couple of things online for Miss Isla) and then hopped over to the Dollar Tree.  (Oh my gosh.  Did I really just use a bunny pun?  I did.  And I’m keeping it even with the recognition of my ridiculousness ;))

I found SO much at the Dollar Tree.  AND EVERYTHING IS ONE DOLLAR.  So I stocked up.  I got cute little fabric Easter baskets, filler for them, and all kinds of cute little toddler stuff.  Every bit of this comes from the dollar store (pardon the bad lighting).  Egg-shaped chalk for the driveway? Check.  Ducky bubbles? Check.  I also got some little cars, bunny sunglasses, a coloring book, a chocolate bunny, stuffed bunny, and silly putty.  SO much stuff, and so affordable!

This basket is for an infant, so I got him a little teething stuffed toy, a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, some fruit & veggie melts (all from Target), and his little bunny, basket, and filler all from the dollar store.

Isla’s basket is a bit random cuz the contents are actually things I’ve just started picking up for her that she needs – like bigger sized pants, some WALKING shoes (yeah, cuz I think that’s probably going to be here sooner rather than later at this rate), and some yogurt bites. I mean, she’s 8 months old.  Is she really going to care that she got some pink pants she needs for Easter?  She thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to try and pick up her diaper and eat it, so I doubt she’ll really realize what’s going on anyway… The basket is more of a rite of passage for her first Easter than anything ;).  So I say, for all you parents of really little ones, fill their baskets with a couple of things they need anyway.  This tends to come in handy with parents of multiple children, because the older kids are always so concerned for the littlest ones, making sure they have something in their basket too.

My daughter’s special presents are her little cell phone (because she’s always trying to steal the phone of everyone she comes in contact with) that was $10 online at Target and the Kiki elephant teether ($13 at Target).  Her little bunny is from the dollar store.

I also must note that I got a bunch of cute plastic eggs and candy for an Easter egg hunt for my nephew there.  I’m going to stuff the sparkly ones with some change so he can add it to his piggy bank and stuff the rest with candy.  (And some of them already come with candy in them!)

Look how cute they turned out!  So this is how I’m affordably doing Easter baskets this year!  I hope it helps you also not break the bank when it comes to the little bunny coming around 🙂

xo, tess

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  1. Mommy
    April 11, 2017 / 4:00 PM

    Lovely so inventive and clever on a budget too!