So I entitled this post “active”wear because I think there can be a misconception about what activewear is these days.

It used to be that activewear was for working out – for running, for yoga, for lifting…  for training, for sweating your butt off and performing in some capacity.

Well sh*t.

Though I may not be running and doing cardio, I feel like I’m doing a small triathlon every day.  I spend my days chasing my baby around, working from home (I’m a realtor by trade), cooking, doing laundry, keeping my home clean (both my husband and myself are a bit neurotic, to say the least), getting groceries, running after the dog as she’s barking her head off at the neighbor kids, jumping out of the shower remembering I left a pot boiling downstairs, picking the baby up, putting the baby down (so, basically weight lifting), being on the main level and realizing I need baby wipes from the basement, finally sitting down and realizing I need wine (which requires getting up again)… By the end of the day, I feel like I’ve been QUITE active.  So.  I don’t think that active wear needs to mean that you’re working out – cuz come on, it’s hard to squeeze that in with all of the aforementioned life going on.  I rarely squeeze in an actual work out, but I still manage to be quite active.

I do like to dress cute and put myself together.  There’s something about it that makes me feel like I’m going to my version of the office.  I also like to stay in my pajamas til noon somedays.  And somedays, I like to be a little in between.  This is my activewear that I still consider cute and stylish.  I like the mint leggings because it’s a switch up from the black, grey, and navy I’ve worn all winter long.  Plus, they have a cute mesh back on the calves.  I also like the strappy bra underneath for two reasons – 1. the back of this tank is open and and this bra is super cute in the back and 2. this bra doesn’t have an underwire and is super comfortable.  Maybe TMI, but I’m still nursing, so I can’t wear any bras with underwire in them (to avoid clogged milk ducts, etc.), and they need to be something malleable enough to quickly move around to nurse… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find cute and fun options to switch up the ole’ nursing bra (otherwise known as the bane of my existence).

Below is my outfit and the links to all of it – and the best part is, everything is on sale!

So hurry up and grab these, because some are clearance and sizes are limited!

PS – this tank is under $6 right now! It runs a little boxy, so something I do with boxy shirts is either half tuck them or knot them on the side — I’m a child of the early 90’s, after all… 🙂


Tank: here

Mesh Leggings: here

Bra: here

Shoes: here



xo, tess

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