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a sweet maxi with a sweet baby


I wanted to share this dress today because I think it’s super sweet, super cute and super affordable!!  And I also had to share because some of these pics have my beautiful baby in them 🙂

I have to be honest, it took my husband and myself to be able to zip this bad boy up.  It simply did NOT want to go over my tatas.  Not because they’re big (they’re dwindling down from nursing less), but because the zipper is a bit tight.  So don’t be alarmed or think that the dress doesn’t fit.  It just takes a friend to help you into it, LOL!  I was literally sweating (and perhaps cursing) trying to zip it up myself.  You could even size up if you are between sizes.  And it has a lot of room in the mid section, so it would really make a good maternity dress in the earlier stages of pregnancy.  When I was pregnant, I didn’t really believe it maternity clothes, I just wore clothes that were loose in the mid section or had a ton of stretch in them. I found that maternity clothes can be really pricey and then you don’t really feel like wearing them after you have your baby anyway… I enjoyed having clothes that could transition between pregnancy and post partum but were still cute and fashionable 🤗

Anyway, I love this dress!  It’s really comfy and very lightweight.  I love the flutter strap detail and the light, nautical colors.  Find the details below!

  1. maxi dress (i’m wearing xs for reference) | 2. drop earrings | 3. bracelet set
xo, tess

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