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a steal and a spend

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!

Today I wanted to share a steal and a spend.  Let me explain what I mean.

My shopping philosophy is to find steals/deals on trendy clothing and jewelry pieces and to invest (spend) on staples or items that you are going to get a ton of wear out of.  So I tend to invest in denim, cardigans, purses, even some leggings – because I live in them in the winter.  I then try to find cute, trendy clothing at TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, super on sale online, ASOS, Forever 21, etc to complete my wardrobe.  I feel like if you build your wardrobe with the right staple items, the trendy and less expensive pieces fit right into it.  Because, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think off-the-shoulder tops are going to be abundant a few years from now, but I’ve had pairs of denim for many years and have worn them countless times.

SO, that being said, I picked up these adorable little pleated woven shorts for under $13!  They’re more than comfortable and are a great color to transition into fall.  You could wear them with a long sleeved shirt and booties when it gets a little chillier outside.  And they are really good quality.  My dad, who is may be the biggest clothing snob of anyone I’ve ever met :), saw them on and couldn’t believe the price and told my bonus mom she should get a pair.  They are a total style steal.

Now for my spend – this beautiful camera bag.  Ok, so I know it’s got a hefty price tag…but the vendor told me that if you sign up for their email, you automatically get 20% off your first purchase.

This bag is Ev. Ry. Thing.  Not only is it a beautiful camera bag for DSLR cameras (and lenses), it doubles as just a beautiful cross body purse.  I can’t even take credit for finding this gorgeous bag (grey with gold detail, no less!) because my husband found it for me.  That sweetheart surprised me with a really special birthday present this year – he got me a new DSLR camera set AND the bag.  He told me he was looking at bloggers and getting on Pinterest to find the coolest looking camera bag so that I could be fashionable when I was out taking pics.  Yeah, I know…this guy, right?! 

Is he just a great husband, or trying to up the ante so I get him a new grill or a custom suit or something?  I’ll never know for sure 😉

So that might be why you’ve (hopefully) noticed a change in the quality of photos lately.  I took my new camera in my fancy lil bag and took a photography lesson before we went on our Oregon trip and before our girl’s 1st bday 🙂  I am basically the mom-arazzi/wife-arazzi now around my house trying to teach myself different lighting/ISO’s/shutter speed and all this other jazz I didn’t realize went into taking a photo.  Shooting in manual is no joke, so pardon my learning curve.

If you know of anyone with a DSLR camera or if you’re just looking for a classic-looking bag to invest in, this is the bag for you!  See below for all of the ways you can use this bag!  And find links to my outfit, Isla’s outfit, and the perfect cross body bag all below!  We had a fun time at Isla’s first trip to the zoo – the perfect place to work on my photog skills.

(Me awkwardly smiling at someone trying to walk by, while trying to act like I don’t care that my husband is trying to get both my baby and me to look at the camera and they are walking through the frame 😉 )

  1. pleated woven shorts | 2. Topshop U-neck tank  | 3. crossbody camera bag | 4. gladiator sandals (similar) | 5. triad ball drop earrings | 6. similar sunnies | 7. isla’s romper | 8. isla’s headband

Another look at the steal shorts ^

Another look at my favorite new accessory ^

Ways you can use the inside of the bag:

this is my camera with a camera strap on it and THREE lenses in the bag and it all fits.

My camera with my favorite/every day lens on it, my wallet, listerine strips and lip gloss all fit!

Just basic purse stuff.  Usually there’s a pacifier in there 😉



xo, tess

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