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a one size fits all wonder + “fun” in the snow

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Here in the Chicago suburbs, we were pummeled with a TON of snow last week… I’m guessing we have about 14″ sitting in our yard right now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon.  UGG.  Why we live in the midwest is sometimes beyond me!  We have a bit of the cabin fever over here because it’s also ridiculously cold and not so fun to get a baby in and out of the car in.  We tried taking Isla out into the snow for the first time and she was NOT having it!!

She kept saying “help. help. up peas. up peas. (up please)” over and over.  We were so jazzed up about getting her out into the snow and pulling her on her sled (I mean, she liked it when we did it INSIDE the house, you’d think she’d think it was cool in these mounds of snow).  She was mainly just confused and said “done. done.”   We get it.  She is her mother’s daughter ;).  We are just more sun/beach/water people.

Anyhoo, since the cold weather seems like it’s here to stay, I thought I’d share this really cute one-size fits all knit sweater.  It comes in 5 colors that are great pastels to transition into spring and it is a whopping $12!  You really can’t beat that price.

Styling tip

I have to say, the sweater has a decent length to it, so you could probably pull it down a bit and wear it with leggings, but I liked to do the half tuck into my jeans to give it a little more shape. I also thought it looked cuter with the sleeves pushed up a little bit.  I threw on a floppy hat – because I felt like the shirt needed a little somethin’ somethin’ – and some cute distressed jeans and booties.

Wardrobe tip

This is a great time of year to grab some nice sweaters for a really inexpensive price!  Great basics really don’t go out of style and I would absolutely put this sweater in that category!

Find all of the outfit details below (and a couple of extra snowy pics :)).

You can also find all of the outfit details easily with one click by shopping my “shop my instagram” page.

  1. EXACT sweater (one size fits all) | Sweater option 2 |
  2. Floppy hat (love the color of this hat)
  3. Similar/same brand Denim (my exact is sold out but this is really close)
  4. iPhone Case (for $6!!)
  5. pop socket
  6. favorite dressy watch


Are you a fun in the snow person or more like Isla (and me)?  I’d love to hear!  Comment below!

xo, tess

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