15 minute biscuit and gravy recipe

My favorite breakfast menu item (if we consider that bacon is a freebie) is by far biscuits and gravy.  I legitimately choose where we go to breakfast based on if it’s on the menu.  So I decided to start making it at home to get my fix.  Sometimes I make it all from scratch, and other times (like today), I use a shortcut and use the tube of refrigerated biscuits.  They are a great substitute and less work when you’re trying to get food on the table in the morning.  I cook them to package directions and add melted butter to the top of them at the end.  So really, this recipe is for the gravy.  I prefer to use some form of sausage to start the gravy, but you don’t have to if you don’t like it or have it on hand.  Whether it be breakfast sausage or hot italian sausage, I just use whatever we have on hand.  Below are the ingredients and recipe.  It only takes about 15 minutes TOTAL to make it this way!


  • 1 tube buttermilk biscuits (refrigerated section)
    • about 1/2 tablespoon of melted butter to top with at the end
  • 2 link of hot Italian sausage (or any sausage you have on hand)
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2.5 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 cup of chicken stock*
  • 1 cup half and half*
  • lots and lots of pepper

*if you don’t have chicken stock, you can use all half and half.  if you don’t have half and half, you can use cream or milk instead

Start by preheating your oven to 375 degrees and get the biscuits cooking in the oven.  Once you put them in, brown up the sausage in a frying pan (or cast iron skillet like I use below).  I cook it on medium heat. Once the sausage is browned, I take it out and put on a paper towel to soak up some of the grease.  Some of the residual grease will still remain in the pan, which is awesome because it just adds another layer of flavor.

I then add the two tablespoons of butter and turn the heat down to low.  Once the butter is melted, I add the 2.5 tablespoons of flour and start whisking it together.  This creates a rue.  

You just whisk whisk whisk and keep on whisking.  Once it’s combined (it might be a little lumpy, don’t worry about that), start adding in your liquids.  I combine the chicken stock and half and half in a measuring cup so it makes it easier to pour into the skillet.  I add it about half of a cup at a time.  And the key is to just keep whisking.  I bump the heat up to medium at this time and keep it like that for the remainder of the cooking.  

I add a TON of black pepper – cuz I’m a pepper fanatic – but I recommend adding it for a peppered gravy effect.  I don’t add ANY salt to the gravy.  The sausage naturally renders salt, so you don’t need any!

Keep whisking it together on medium heat until it thickens up to the consistency below.

Take the biscuits out of the oven and top with melted butter.

I put a layer of gravy below the biscuits and lots on top and top with the sausage.  It is so delicious!!


xo, tess

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