Crafty? Well I’m not 😉 But Isla and I made these little halloween creatures!

So Little Things by Tess is what it is because I never wanted to be boxed into any one thing, because I have lots of little interests.  If you’ve followed along for a while, you can probably see that!  But not really on that list?  Crafting 😬 It’s just not… View Post

Let’s make dinner together the EASY way, with Walmart+

A few weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine asked me how I make a certain recipe that I haven’t made in months  and I was reminded of how EASY it was when I was breaking down how to make it. It quickly inspired me to grab the ingredients for the… View Post

Finishing our fireplace look, finally!

Our fireplace has always been a little bit of a conundrum for me.  Since the day we first looked at the house and it was in it’s original 1988 form to just a few weeks ago, I’ve always been unsure of what to do with it. Let’s go back a… View Post

Hosting again, finally!

  Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve shared much in the way of food pics or posts, so I though I’d take the time today to do an actual food post.  If you’ve followed me for much time at all, you know that I LOVE to cook.  I don’t… View Post

Let me tell ya about my most recent experience with Walmart+

Let me tell ya about my most recent experience with WALMART+ So if you’re a parent, you undoubtedly have gone through phases of your kid turning their nose up at whatever you’re trying to feed them.  It’s just part of parenting and kids going through stages where they’re figuring out… View Post